The end of an era

Well, as of today i am a full time stay at home mom.

i gave my notice last week, and my last day was today.  It was a hard decision to make, but Brad and really thought about it, and in the end we decided that work was a stressor that we could do without in our lives.

So, now my only job is homemaker… which, we all know is really: mother, teacher, house keeper, launderer, childcare, chauffeur, cook, referee, disciplinarian, cuddler, baker, therapist, bum-changer, cheerleader, time out giver, and much more.

i hope i’m up for the task, especially getting back on target with Ozzie’s therapies.  They certainly took a back seat these past few months, with work – and also it’s been a really AWFUL winter for illness at our house.

I know that technically spring starts this week, but the 8 foot snow pile in my front yard tells me differently… can’t wait to get these kids outside…


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