Post eye appointment…

Ok, clearly i should stop blogging from my phone, because the typos are too hilarious.  My sister in law texted me and asked if i was really tired or angry when i posted the last post… because it was ridiculous.

LOL ah well, live and learn.

So, eventually we got to see Ozzie’s eye doctor. Thankfully, he wasn’t too grumpy and he did really well.  I think it helped a lot that Brad was there.  He’s such a daddy’s boy.

There is still no immediate plan for surgery, but she did tell us that she was going to Boston at the end of the month to attend and Opthamological Conference at Boston Children’s hospital, where she made an appointment to sit down with Dr. David Hunter (Opthalmologist-in-Chief and Richard M. Robb Chair, Children’s Hospital Boston, Professor and Vice Chair of Opthalmology, Harvard Medical School) to discuss Ozzie’s case and compare notes and come up with a surgical/treatment plan to correct Ozzie’s strabismus.

*I just want to reiterate that they will not be able to correct the movement of his eyes so he can look from side to side, they will just straighten them.

For now, though, the course of action is to continue to lubricate his eyes with drops during the day and gels through the night.

Oh, and for the record, our appointment was at 11, and we left at 1:30… 😦


3 thoughts on “Post eye appointment…

  1. Hey Laura. Just wanted to say that my eyes were completely frozen when I was younger but my eye doctor was able to do surgery on the muscles and I now have lateral movement. Dont know if this is the case for Ozzie but I thought I’d just tell you my experience and that they were able to give me lateral movement. Not as much as an average person maybe, but I can move my eyes a bit!

    • really Kelsey? That’s awesome!! i’m hoping that seeing as our eye doc is going to the ‘head man’ himself, that avenue is looked at as well. Did you have your surgery at the calgary children’s hospital?

      • Yeah! I went from being completely frozen (almost to the point of cross eyed) to being able to have at least a little movement from side to side. Up and down as well. My eye doctor is really super happy with the progress. The surgeries were hard though. It looked like I got beat up really bad. My eyes were really bruised too. But it’s worth it to be able to look sideways without having to move my head so much. Yes all of my eye surgeries were done at the Alberta Childrens Hospital with Dr. Astle. Most amazing man/doctor ever. He is so nice and really takes the time to explain things. He’s one of the best doctors that I’ve ever had.

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