KCC Team Meeting

We had our KCC team meeting yesterday – and spent most of the morning with Ozzie showing off all his amazing baby skills.  He’s weighing in at just over 24 lbs. His trajectory of growth is leveling out, quite nicely.  He’s been relatively the same weight for the last few months, which makes sense as he becomes more and more active.

In the therapy room we had PT, OT, SLP, Social Work, an SLP student and a Recovery Medicine resident – plus Brad and I and of course Ozzie.

Full house.

But Ozzie just loves going to ‘play’ with the ladies at the KCC.  He showed off his impressive lay-down-on-my-belly-push-myself-up-to-sitting ability, and he’s showing signs of wanting to scoot forward!!! all good signs.

it’s so hard not to get stuck in that mindset of how far behind he is.  He’s corrected to 13 months, but physically he’s still back at the 9 month stage of development, doing things a 9 monther would be doing.

but, that’s okay.

one of the FABULOUS things about the girls at KCC is that they are always positive and encouraging, and they ONLY judge Ozzie by where he was at the last visit.  And he’s always going forward, just at his own pace.

Jenn, our SLP was so impressed with Ozzie.  She hadn’t seen him since the end of fall.  He’s now signing FIVE signs: Milk, Dad, more, Eat (which he signed for the first time on Feb 01), and ball.  She was also impressed with his incredibly expressive range of sounds.  So, he’s communicating even when he’s not speaking, with tone, urgency, repetition, imitation – even though he does MOST of his ‘talking’ with his mouth closed, you can definitely tell he’s trying to imitate.  She asked how my “Takes Two to Talk” class is going… but… that’s a post for another day…

After all the therapies, we had our mtg with Dr. Blakely, Ozzie’s KCC Doc, but first her resident took ALLLLLLL of our family history and we were a little puzzled as to why, after a whole year, we were giving them all of our family history….again…. it was frustrating, but it was only her 2nd day.  I did finally ask why she was asking all these questions…again…

turns out, she couldn’t find the note in the file, so she asked.  Okay.  whatever.

he had a little physical exam, then brad and i waited… for at LEAST 20 minutes…for the rest of the crew to come into the room for the team discussion of the plan as we go forward.  The plan is… keep doing what we’re doing.  okay, can do.

But, aside from all the awesome work that Ozymandias did in there, the best part of the morning was that Dr. Blakely offered to do Ozzie’s pre-op paperwork so i don’t have to book an appointment with our family doc (who’s never ACTUALLY met Ozzie yet)

Yes.  Pre-op.  He’s scheduled to get tubes on Feb 17, and he has an MRI booked for Feb 28.  So, my goal for February is to just get through the month.  wish us luck!


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