The Fun NEVER stops!!

I have been gone for five days. I went to visit a buddy in Vancouver, then my brother in Victoria.

The day before I left Ozzie started feeling kinda warm. It wasn’t a big fever, only like 99.3 or so. So we kept an eye in it, gave Advil when he needed it, and I flew out thursday afternoon.

Over the course of the weekend, brad started feeling sick. So we assumed was Ozzie had was a virus.

But then his glands got so big.

Brad took him to the clinic, and it turns out that both his ears are infected. So the doc gave a prescription for antibiotics. Poor Ozzie had a vital throat thing, plus war infections… Then he stated getting mucous. Snotty face.

Which means suction. And no sleep for brad. This morning he sent me a text that he was taking Ozzie to the hospital.

I’m still in Victoria. I’m flying out tonight. I tried to get my flight changed to an earlier time to come home sooner, but there weren’t a lot of flight options. And it would have costed me over $400 to come home 4 hours sooner.

Meanwhile, Ozzie was admitted. When he got there his sats were 92 on 2L of oxygen. 92 is really low for 2L of oxygen, which is kind of a lot of oxygen.

They did a chest xray, and it’s pneumonia. Again.

They’ve put in an NG tube, and he’s on oxygen still.

So, I’m writing this from the airport – when I arrive home at 1:00 tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading straight to the hospital to take over so brad can get some much needed sleep.


MRI day

Because the fun never stops at the Harms household, Ozzie had a fever Sunday and yesterday. At first, we chalked it up to teething, but it turned out to be more – as always.

Brad took Ozzie to the clinic last night; ozzie’s tonsils were swollen.

Tonsillitis, my old nemesis – I should have known one day you would come back for my children you dastardly fiend!!

We were able to get one dose of amoxicillin in him last night before the NPO order at midnight. It must have been enough, cuz over the night his fever broke. Thankfully.

We were concerned that the tonsillitis would be enough for them to send us home and reschedule the MRI. We really wanted to avoid that because we had organized our lives around today – sending Ceddy to Brad’s parents’ for the night, Brad taking the day off work. Me? I have nowhere else to be.

But, after checking in and speaking with the nurse it seemed like his tonsils weren’t going to be an issue. The anesthesiologist would be right in…

Our sleepy doctor was fast and furious. He came in, told us his plan – avoid intubation. He will give ozzie some gas to put him to sleep, then they will do an IV and put him out tht way. As for o2, they will start will nasal prongs, and if he needs he will do a balloon like mask to keep the airways open, and if that doesn’t work then they intubate. But it was nice to hear that intubation is the last resort.

Then he answered any questions we had and walked out. Next thing we knew he was storming back in with his hands outstretched. He took Ozzie from my arms, and held him in front of my face for a goodbye kiss, then brad, then they were gone.

Now we wait. The MRI is scheduled for an hour. Waiting sucks.