In Store Fundraiser at Leven’s Coffee Company

Fundraiser info

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – but ye Gods bless Marie Tupper and Aaron Green… those two and Leven’s Coffee Company have gone above and beyond – helping us with our fundraiser for our trip to the Moebius Syndrome Conference in Philadelphia next year.

Back at the beginning of the summer, when i first met with Marie and Aaron about doing some fundraising with them – I went in expecting to get a few sign up sheets to pass out to my friends and family, but what i got was totally unexpected.

First of all, you need to know this about me.

i don’t like asking for help.  Not really.  I like to think that i’m strong enough to do things on my own…when Ozzie was first hospitalized after he was born (for 30 days in NICU and 10 days in PEDS) my family kept offering to help… it took an immense amount of letting go for me to allow my mother in law to come and do our laundry on a regular basis.  It’s a matter of pride… and also, uh… that’s my underwear? lol

Secondly, i sometimes don’t know how to express my gratitude.  But i feel it.

So, when Aaron and Marie sat down with me and told me that they were excited to help out my family, who they only just met, but they wanted to make a ‘special blend’ for the express purpose of this fundraiser… complete with its own special packaging – and not only that, but hell, let’s sell it in store for the full year until you go on your trip – it felt like i was sucker punched in the gut – but in a very good way.

it was all i could do to smile and nod and i’m pretty sure i said: ‘awesome’ about a bajillion times.

When i drove away from Market Mall after that first meeting with them, Ozzie in the carseat in the back sleeping away…. i thought to myself: “Laura, Ozzie’s gift is that he lets people give of themselves….. so GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them do it.”

I cried on CIrcle Drive all the way from Preston to 22nd Street.

So – now here we are.  Ozzie turns ONE on Sunday.

To celebrate, (the are so frakkin’ wonderful) they are having an In-store fundraiser at Levens Coffee in Market Mall on Saturday and Sunday – October 29/30th.

Please come to the store!  $5 from every pound of Ozzie Blend coffee sold will go directly to our family. Leven’s is also donating:

$65 from every 1 year coffee subscription sold
10% of coffee to-go sales
50 cents from every Hot Racks “cake shot” sold

See the facebook event page here

Even if you don’t drink coffee, i’m guessing you might know someone who does… A coffee subscription would make a great Christmas present to a coffee lover in your family – or buy a pound of coffee for your kids’ teachers.

Thank you, THank you, thank you to Marie and Aaron and Levens Coffee Company.

We heart you guys big time over here.  ❤

lookin' dapper as always

November First

I have a confession to make: I am trying very hard to handle everything, but i don’t think i’m doing very well.  Ozzie is STILL in NICU.   I know that every baby is different, and i really shouldn’t be comparing Cedric’s time in NICU to Ozzie’s, but it’s hard not too.

Cedric seemed to have it all together, he was just small.  He was out of NICU after 18 days, and here we are with Ozzie – on day 16 with no end in sight.

I know that the hospital is the best place for him, but my heart hurts every time i leave him there… I’m usually there for five to six hours, but it seems like it’s not nearly enough!  like i could be there more, even though i can’t do much but hold him, or stroke his head.

This go around – it just seems like there are so many more things to deal with… And on top of a teeny tiny baby we have a very confused two year old – who kinda gets that his little brother is here, but it’s tough because he can’t go in to see him.  He’s seen pictures, but that’s about it.  It’s tough.  All he really gets is that he’s being dropped off at grandma and grandpa’s more than normal, and that his mama time has been seriously depleted.  And that breaks my heart – i know that i have TWO little boys to take care of, and its hard not to feel like i’m letting one or the other down.

Mostly, right now – i am sick of talking about it.  I feel like everyone i talk to expects me to break into tears, and they all ask the same thing, i’ve almost got it down to a science of not actually talking about it:

“how’s Ozzie doing?” and i always say the same thing: “Oh, y’know… sleeping, growing”

“How are YOU doing?” “Oh, y’know, as good as can be expected”

“How are you guys holding up?”  “Pretty well.”

it’s not that i don’t appreciate all the thoughts and concern, i really do.  But repeating the same story over and over again, with someone new every day, it’s just too hard.