Philly Trip Day 4: Last day of the Conference

Sunday morning, after we had eaten breakfast and Ceddy was tucked away for the last stint of daycare, I found my way to the Internet session that i was told i should attend.  It was pretty good, they were talking about using social media and how sites like MySpace and now Facebook and Twitter have really helped the Moebius community to connect.  Then they passed out a paper with some sites of note, including a list of blogs – and there was my blog! Listed among the blogs!!  My mom was so proud, ha!  it was cool, i kind of felt, very mildly, like a blog rockstar.  HA HA HA
After the Internet session, i attended the recap of the Moebius Moms group, which i found to be very enlightening, and it made me wish that i had been able to attend the baby session.

After lunch, the closing speaker was the very amazing photographer Rick Guidotti.

He had been wandering around the conference taking pictures of families and individuals.  If you have a few minutes to watch his TED talk, above, you’ll see why he’s so amazing.  In fact, he gave THIS EXACT talk.  At the end of his speech, he played a slideshow of photos he’d taken over the course of the last few days.

It’s awesome to think that our son has been photographed by someone who photographs super models!

The rest of the afternoon was spent saying goodbye to our new friends and making plans to see them all again in 2014 at the next conference in Maryland!  (Which means we will be fundraising again…. wink wink).

Goodbye 2011

Happy New Years

A very festive bottle of New Year's Eve wine, it's empty now.

To say that the last year for us has been a little trying is putting it fairly lightly. I spent a bit of time this morning re-reading entries on this blog.  And while i did post a few times about some of the good points of this year, it seemed pretty bleak, to be honest.

This morning, Brad and i were talking about 2011 and i said: “Thanks for going through that year with me.” he said it was his pleasure and that there were more good times than bad times.  True, it’s just that the bad times are easier to remember.  which really sucks.

With our boys safely tucked into bed, Brad and i had a quiet New Years Eve listening to records and playing Scrabble. It was perfect.  Brad kicked my butt 2 outta 3.  There will be a rematch… oh yes, there WILL be a rematch.  (watch yo’self!)

Seeing as this is the first day of the new year, its fitting then to give you a bunch of random tidbits, in no particular order, of twenty-eleven.

  • hey brad, if you could describe 2011 in one word, what would it be: “Over?… Strengthening, Intense”  Okay, so those are a few words.
  • A conversation just now –
    Laura: “what’s that called when you’re making a sword and you put it in the fire, then you smash it like crazy, then you put it back in the fire, then you smash it some more, then you put it back in the fire?”
    Brad: “Tempering? To make it harder?”
    Laura: “Yeah.”
    Brad: “Yeah, Tempering.  It gets really hard… but when it breaks it shatters into a million pieces.”
    Laura: “Yeah, that was last year.”

this year we met the wonderful folks at Leven’s Coffee Company and we’re pretty close to reaching our goal for fundraising for our trip to Philly in July, thanks largely to Marie and Aaron and their kindness and generosity.  (They are opening soon in their new location, i’ll post when that happens so you can go check them out!!)

My friendship with the other NICU moms i met when Ozzie was born has strengthened – we have a special bond, we are soul sisters now.  Love you guys.

Our little family unit has been overwhelmed by the love and support of our respective extended families.  I can’t tell you how many times my mom has dropped everything to come and help with the boys, not just when Ozzie was sick.  But also to help me clean my house when it’s at the point to complete and utter chaos.  Her and my dad also would take Cedric without question when Ozzie was hospitalized, and between them and my brother and his wife and Brad’s mom and dad and his brothers’ families – we knew that Cedric was safe and in good hands surrounded by people who love him, when we couldn’t be with him.  I’ll never be able to thank you all enough for that, for taking Cedric into your homes and comforting him when he was scared and confused and unsure why he couldn’t just be at home with us.

Also, my wonderful mother in law has done more loads of our laundry this year than i really care to admit.  So many times i would come home to find baskets of clean clothes, neatly folded, sitting by the front door.

New Year's Eve 2010 - Ozzie 2.5 months old

This past year Cedric has given me an amazing gift.  I realized one day as he played with his brother on the floor that Ceddy is the one person who sees Ozzie as truly perfect.  He doesn’t look at him through the veiled eyes of knowing his brother is ‘different’ from other babies.  He doesn’t think his face looks ‘funny’, he’s just Ozzie.  He helps me to remember that Ozzie IS perfect.

Ozzie has changed our lives, in more ways than we can imagine.  But the most prominent being that both Brad and I are having to learn a new level of patience.  Like, a whole new WORLD of patience.  But through this year, Brad and i have found new strength in each other.

New Year's Eve 2011 - Ozzie 14.5 months old, Cedric 3.5 years

No, this year has not been easy.  But there’s a quote that love that i feel really sums up this year for us.

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can a man be perfected without trials.” Chinese Proverb

So, with this in mind, we are on our way to perfection.

Here’s to 2012, and thanks for reading!

Love Laura


They put the FUN in Fundraising

Marie Tupper, Aaron Green, and Ozzie and i

we love Leven's

Today is day one of the in-store fundraiser put on by Leven’s Coffee – we had a great time there this morning, Ozzie got to see his baby-friends, and i got to see their Mamas.  Brad and Cedric put in a round of Mini Golf in the mall – and Brad (allegedly) got a hole in one.  I think it was rather convenient that there was no one over the age of 3 present at the time to corroborate his story.

If you haven’t gone down to Leven’s there’s still time.  You can buy a pound or two of coffee, or even a to-go cup of Ozzie Blend! or better yet, buy yourself (or a coffee lover on your christmas list) a coffee subscription! Leven’s is donating $65 of every coffee supscription sold this weekend…nudge nudge

Marie and Aaron are awesome.  We spent this morning talking about Star Wars, and inappropriate first date movies. (Mine and Brad’s first date movie was Stargate if you go by when we dated in grade 9…i think it was Up in Smoke when we dated after grade 12, i don’t really remember )

speaking of Star Wars, here’s a cute pic that Brad got this morning:

Sibling Rivalry - The Force Style

In Store Fundraiser at Leven’s Coffee Company

Fundraiser info

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – but ye Gods bless Marie Tupper and Aaron Green… those two and Leven’s Coffee Company have gone above and beyond – helping us with our fundraiser for our trip to the Moebius Syndrome Conference in Philadelphia next year.

Back at the beginning of the summer, when i first met with Marie and Aaron about doing some fundraising with them – I went in expecting to get a few sign up sheets to pass out to my friends and family, but what i got was totally unexpected.

First of all, you need to know this about me.

i don’t like asking for help.  Not really.  I like to think that i’m strong enough to do things on my own…when Ozzie was first hospitalized after he was born (for 30 days in NICU and 10 days in PEDS) my family kept offering to help… it took an immense amount of letting go for me to allow my mother in law to come and do our laundry on a regular basis.  It’s a matter of pride… and also, uh… that’s my underwear? lol

Secondly, i sometimes don’t know how to express my gratitude.  But i feel it.

So, when Aaron and Marie sat down with me and told me that they were excited to help out my family, who they only just met, but they wanted to make a ‘special blend’ for the express purpose of this fundraiser… complete with its own special packaging – and not only that, but hell, let’s sell it in store for the full year until you go on your trip – it felt like i was sucker punched in the gut – but in a very good way.

it was all i could do to smile and nod and i’m pretty sure i said: ‘awesome’ about a bajillion times.

When i drove away from Market Mall after that first meeting with them, Ozzie in the carseat in the back sleeping away…. i thought to myself: “Laura, Ozzie’s gift is that he lets people give of themselves….. so GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them do it.”

I cried on CIrcle Drive all the way from Preston to 22nd Street.

So – now here we are.  Ozzie turns ONE on Sunday.

To celebrate, (the are so frakkin’ wonderful) they are having an In-store fundraiser at Levens Coffee in Market Mall on Saturday and Sunday – October 29/30th.

Please come to the store!  $5 from every pound of Ozzie Blend coffee sold will go directly to our family. Leven’s is also donating:

$65 from every 1 year coffee subscription sold
10% of coffee to-go sales
50 cents from every Hot Racks “cake shot” sold

See the facebook event page here

Even if you don’t drink coffee, i’m guessing you might know someone who does… A coffee subscription would make a great Christmas present to a coffee lover in your family – or buy a pound of coffee for your kids’ teachers.

Thank you, THank you, thank you to Marie and Aaron and Levens Coffee Company.

We heart you guys big time over here.  ❤

lookin' dapper as always

tasty coffee!

Ozzie and all his Coffee

Tasty Leven's Coffee and a smiley boy!

I picked up a batch of freshly roasted “Ozzie Blend” coffee from Levens Coffee Company yesterday – for those of you who don’t know or remember, Levens Coffee is helping us out with a great fundraiser, selling their coffee!

Mmmm, my house smells delicious – not only from the 36 pounds of coffee sitting in my living room, but from the freshly brewed pot of Ozzie Blend in my kitchen… i’m SOOO loving this coffee.  It’s so tasty!!

Ozzie Blend😀

Thanks to all those who are selling the coffee for us – take a look at our funds raised over on the sidebar!!  and Thanks again to Marie and Aaron at Levens… they are 12 shades of awesome.  🙂