We’re Flying Away…

Brad and i are on our way to Vancouver, BC today with Ozzie to meet with his new eye Surgeon. I’m hoping for a totally uneventful flight.


i love how these boys love each other


Birthday photos in the leaves

Here’s a few pictures, though.  Ozzie turned Three in October, and he’s pretty proud of that and will tell anyone and everyone that he’s three now, and that he’s not a baby, he’s a big boy.
As Brad and i are frantically getting all the last minute things together, i’m starting to feel a bit of that ‘mama guilt’ about leaving poor Ceddy behind.  But, he is older now.  He understands more, and he knows that i will be coming back.


Cutest little smile

Also, here’s a few shots of Halloween:


The most adorable pirate of the seven seas




Happy Halloween

i’ll update on what the doc says when we get back! happy trails.


4 thoughts on “We’re Flying Away…

  1. Love the Harry Potter costume and Ozzie is so cute!
    Just wondering, out of curiosity, how you found out about the eye surgeon in Van? My eye doctor/surgeon is at the ACH and he still sees me. He is absolutely brilliant and by far the best doctor I’ve ever had. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. And he’s also familiar with Moebius, having dealt with me for 22 years!

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