September: come and gone

Well, September is over and we’ve made it through the first bought of colds at our house.
Thankfully we were able to stay at home with this one.  We had a super amazing summer though, so i shouldn’t complain.

We did lots of saline nebulizers, which Ozzie loves and asks for when he’s sick – so that’s handy.  IMG_7931We also had an appointment with his Respirologist, of course when he was sick.  I was super worried about the appointment because he’s ONLY ever seen Ozzie when he’s sick, and i was pumped because he had been healthy for so long.

BUT all my fears were for naught, as the doc said he is the healthiest he’s ever seen him!  Even though he had a cold.  He still had lots of colour in his face and his lungs sounded great.  So, we’ve been discharged from his care, unless something else comes up in the future!! YAY OZZIE!!

IMG_7945It’s kind of nice to have some Mom/Ozzie time now that Cedric is in Kindergarten.  It’s just easier to do the things we need to do without the older one getting bored, or being dragged all over the city to all the appointments.  Plus, Ozzie and i get to go for a walk every day when we take Ced to school.  It’s been nice.

I’m still not looking forward to the coming months, as they carry with them Cold and Flu… and the trip to Vancouver.  But we’re takin’ it day by day.


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