Post Bronch

Well, the bronchoscopy is over.

that god for ipods

Waiting for the bronchoscopy

We got to the hospital right on time-ish.  We were expecting a long wait before the procedure, like when he had his tonsils out, but we were not even done admission before they were calling us down, which was awesome.  Speedy.

We really wanted Brad to be able to take Ozzie into the OR, something we’ve asked for in the past but have been told no.  Actually what we were told in the past was: “We’re not really set up for that.” which, at the time i took at face value, but each experience with the health system makes me smarter…. and now i ask… set up for WHAT?

So.  This time, we went in armed with health region policies, but when the anesthesiologist asked if we had any questions, and we said we’d like to take him in – and she said: Sure, we’ll suit you up and you can take him in, but you have to leave when we tell you to.


i really can’t believe that this go-round it was that simple.
So, Brad suited up and walked him in and was there until Ozzie fell asleep.

The procedure took about an hour, and when he was done his respirologist Dr. Adamko came to tell how it went and show us some photos he took of the inside of his lungs.

Essentially his lungs look good.  AWESOME.

He did a flush and took a sample to grow some cultures to look for super bugs, he said we’d have the results in a few days.

We were then sent upstairs for 3 days of IV antibiotics.

finitoIt was frustrating to be there, just for antibiotics.  We asked to go home on the first day, and were told we needed to stay.  Ozzie needed oxygen as well, so we stayed.  The next day they did an xray of his chest because they thought he sounded rattly.  The xray was clear.  we asked to go home, and were told we needed to stay…

The results from the rinse came back clear, no super bugs.  On Saturday, we were FINALLY sent home, much to our collective relief.  Ozzie does not enjoy hospitals, and who can blame him, but it’s getting to the point that anyone – nurse, or doctor, or cleaning staff, would come near his crib and he was start crying, which produces more saliva, which he has trouble with, which makes him rattly, – never ending cycle! So, home to his own bed made everyone happy.

Beads of Courage

before we left, though, Ozzie got his Beads from Beads of Courage.  3 days in the hospital and 29 beads later.  He’s a freakin’ trouper, that boy.

Going forward, there’s not much of a plan, except to continue with his asthma medication and see his respirologist for a follow up in a few months.  So, until then – we are happy and healthy at home… knock on wood. 😀


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