A Year in Review – So long 2012

well, i have to say that i’m in a much better place at the beginning of 2013 than i was at the beginning of 2012:

Laura: “what’s that called when you’re making a sword and you put it in the fire, then you smash it like crazy, then you put it back in the fire, then you smash it some more, then you put it back in the fire?”
Brad: “Tempering? To make it harder?”
Laura: “Yeah.”
Brad: “Yeah, Tempering.  It gets really hard… but when it breaks it shatters into a million pieces.”
Laura: “Yeah, that was last year.”

yeah, definitely in a better place.  This is not to say that last year was not hard, but i think maybe i’m harder?  All that tempering…

Now, instead of panic attacks when Ozzie gets sick or is hospitalized, it’s more of a ‘get-er-done’ attitude.  I’m more confident in my knowledge of Ozzie versus Doctors and Nurses knowledge of him.  I don’t put up with things that i find unacceptable in hospitals anymore…  this is a huge change from last year, because when you’re just learning the ins and outs of the medical system, you take what medical personnel tell you at face value often because you simply don’t know any better.

We did have a few hospital stays, and a few at home “sicks”, 2 surgeries, an MRI, numerous hearing tests, Neurology tests (all clear) lots of therapy, FINALLY getting speech therapy (YAY! HI JENN!), we went to Philadelphia as a family to the Moebius conference where we met so many amazing people and families…  also Ozzie started Daycare and Mama went back to work in the fall (holy Lord).  Full year.

Here are some highlights from last year take from my facebook statuses:

Jan 9
“we were interviewed by our local tv station today – i will post the link to it when it’s live (about Ozzie, Moebius Syndrome, and our fundraising to get to the conference in July)”

Jan 23
“This morning Ozzie took 4.5 oz of milk from a REGULAR BOTTLE!!! and then this afternoon another 4.5 oz!! Get ready grandma (Diana), time to try babysitting soon!! WOO!!”

Feb 8
“Dear Ozzie,
This screaming has GOT to stop… you are driving me crazy.
Love Mama”

Feb 17
Ozzie’s getting tubes in both ears today.  Here’s hoping surgery goes well and fast.

March 20
Ozzie loves his puffer so much, I found him inhaling deeply into an empty one.

March 23
Ozzie is working on his maniacal laughter…. i’m not sure whether to think it’s cute….or to be TERRIFIED….

March 27
This morning Ozzie successfully pulled himself up to standing at the couch!

March 28
Ozzie is colouring for the first time. ❤

March 29
So, after feeding Ozzie almost a whole bottle of pediasure, he threw up. All over me. Then he looked up at me and made the sign for “all-done”. Sigh.

April 5
Dear Ozzie
I am neither a handkerchief not a jungle gym. Please ammend your actions accordingly. That is all.
Cordially etc., etc.,
Your mother

April 16
Holding Ozzie makes me want to shave my head.

April 17
So, Ozzie finally went down the stairs, face first. As I ran to catch him I slammed my foot into a chair. Anyone know, offhand, what a broken toe feels like? Other than excruciatingly painful?

April 26
OZZIE is EATING pieces of shredded cheese!! (I thought this day would never come, he has pretty much never put food into his own mouth)

April 29

April 30
Laura loves her little adorable crawling boy.

May 2
listening to my boys laugh at each other is what motherhood is all about. thank you, boys, for making me smile.

Jun 6
Ozzie’s cool new tricks include climbing to the top of the stairs and also – Falling down flights of stairs.

Jun 7
honestly, Ozzie singing the theme to Game of Thrones is the cutest thing ever…

Jun 8
self feeding from a bottle on the couch!! Hooray!

July 17
Off to Philadelphia!

Jul 28
I just had to LITERALLY cut ozzie’s finger out of his hair. He got it tangled in his curls, panicked and kept trying to pull it out, which made it pull tighter and tighter. His hair was cutting into his poor little finger. Poor little man. I suppose a real haircut is called for now?

Aug 25
Today I cut off ozzie’s curls. He self soothes by twirling and pulling his hair, and is mostly bald on the left side of his head. This morning while having a bottle he handed me a fistful of hair. That and having to physically CUT his fingers out of his hair that one day – it was time.  Tonight while having a night time bottle he realized his hair was gone. Never heard a sadder cry. 😦  Hope bedtime goes well.

Sept 12
Listening to a half asleep Ozzie sing Patty Cake to himself in his crib at 4:30 in the morning is exactly as adorable and annoying as it sounds.

Oct 11
Mom’s back to work, Ozzie’s in daycare!!! Hold me.

Oct 26
Tonsillectomy and tongue release today.  Still waiting in pre-op. haven’t spoke with anesthetist yet – he’s scheduled to go in at 9:45, so maybe by 10:30? Seems so silly that we had to be here at 7 am when surgery is so late in the morning.

Ozzie’s tonsils were scarred. Good thing we took them out, says the doc. Admitting him overnight to be safe and to watch him. Also, Ozzie can haz morphine. 🙂

Nov 20
Finally met with respirologist today.  He was annoyed that it took so long for us to be referred to him.  Bad news, he says Ozzie’s lungs need a lot of work.  Good news is – now we have a game plan.

Nov 24
Yesterday, while leaving daycare, ozzie heard the neighbour dog barking, looked at me and said: RUFF RUFF!! and i went: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 🙂 then today, while playing with ceddy and ozzie downstairs, ozzie said to me “Ow-boo?” and pointed at his elbow. i was like: “where’s your elbow?” and he touched his elbow and said “Ow-boo!” and i was like: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 😀 Then, at bath time, ozzi looked at the bath, looked and me and said: “Bubboo?” and i said: “where’s the bubbles?” and he pointed at his bath. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! OMG!! Three new words in the last 2 days!!! I’m so thrilled, and so SO proud of Ozzie.

Dec 30
Day one of Operation Get Ozzie In His Own Room and Let Mom and Dad Have Their Room Back For the First Time in Over Two Years…..So far… so good.

For this year, i have only a few goals:

  • to see Ozzie walking and talking and eating unpureed solids
  • less time in the hospital
  • More time playing outside!
  • Trips to the lake!
  • Camping!!
  • Visiting Edmonton and Calgary!!
  • watching Ozzie progress and shine as the amazing happy kid he is.

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