Life is crazy.

stupid crazy.

but here’s something awesome until i have time to catch up…..

a little while ago, Ozzie started saying “Hahh!” (hi!) and no he says: “Hahh Mama!! Hahh Dada!! Hahh Mama!  Hahh Dada!” it’s so cute!!

Yesterday, while leaving daycare, Ozzie heard the neighbour dog barking, looked at me and said: RUFF RUFF!!
and i went: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 🙂

then today, while playing with Ceddy and Ozzie downstairs, Ozzie said to me “Ow-boo?” and pointed at his elbow. and i was like: “where’s your elbow?” and he touched his elbow again and said “Ow-boo!” and i was like: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 😀

Then, at bath time, Ozzie looked at the bath, looked and me and said: “Bubboo?” and i said: “where’s the bubbles?” and he pointed at his bath.


OMG!! Three new words in the last 2 days!!! I’m so thrilled, and so SO proud of Ozzie.

So – to date, here are the list of words that he can ACTUALLY speak:
Mamama (grandma-ma)
Bahbahbah (grandpa-pa)
Peese (please)
Lalala  (actual L sounds since the tongue release, more on that later)
Unga (Yoda)
Hahh (hi)
Dada (Brad waited SOO long to hear him say that.)
Up! (complete with ‘p’ sound)
MMMMM!!! (mooo)
BIV (Biv – ROY G BIV is a song by They Might be Giants)
Ow-boo (elbow)

8 thoughts on “EXCITING!!

  1. This is so great. I’m so, so, so very happy for you guys! Do you think it’s because he has no more pesky tonsils getting in his way?

  2. That is amazing and exciting news.  He’s only just 2 and lots of kids don’t say much until that age.  Who knows what he will do to change the world.   Harriet


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