Philly Trip Day 4: Last day of the Conference

Sunday morning, after we had eaten breakfast and Ceddy was tucked away for the last stint of daycare, I found my way to the Internet session that i was told i should attend.  It was pretty good, they were talking about using social media and how sites like MySpace and now Facebook and Twitter have really helped the Moebius community to connect.  Then they passed out a paper with some sites of note, including a list of blogs – and there was my blog! Listed among the blogs!!  My mom was so proud, ha!  it was cool, i kind of felt, very mildly, like a blog rockstar.  HA HA HA
After the Internet session, i attended the recap of the Moebius Moms group, which i found to be very enlightening, and it made me wish that i had been able to attend the baby session.

After lunch, the closing speaker was the very amazing photographer Rick Guidotti.

He had been wandering around the conference taking pictures of families and individuals.  If you have a few minutes to watch his TED talk, above, you’ll see why he’s so amazing.  In fact, he gave THIS EXACT talk.  At the end of his speech, he played a slideshow of photos he’d taken over the course of the last few days.

It’s awesome to think that our son has been photographed by someone who photographs super models!

The rest of the afternoon was spent saying goodbye to our new friends and making plans to see them all again in 2014 at the next conference in Maryland!  (Which means we will be fundraising again…. wink wink).


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