In my perfect world, i would have been updating everyone on our trip – sort of LIVE as it HAPPENS!! This, as it turned out, did not happen – essentially because the hotel the conference is at does not offer free wi-fi to it’s patrons…. grrrr….  and as much as i love you, interwebs, i don’t love you enough to pay 9.99 a day for your service.

that would add on an extra $70 to our already expensive trip.  lol

so, what you are getting now is a quick HELLO and GOODBYE from the complimentary downstairs lobby computer lounge.

This lounge would be much better if i could get alcohol service here… we’ll see…. i keep eyeing everyone sitting at the bar and thinking about a big ol’ glass of wine.


I don’t want to say too much right now, because in my perfect world, i have a whole slew of Conference related posts that are being written – some in my head, some in my journal – and i don’t want to repeat myself, plus there’s a lot of photos to go through and organize.

but the short story long: We have had the most amazing weekend.  It’s been a crazy rollercoaster of emotion, we’ve met some wonderful families, some great kids, some inspiring adults, and it’s just been so great.

Tomorrow we are going out on the town with the remaining Moebis.  (I so love this term, when we checked in the lovely lady at registration introduced herself as the ‘meemaw of a moebi’ and i’ve been using that nick name ever since.)  of course, phonetically, it sounds like Moby – so, i mean, maybe we were assuming, and maybe she really IS Moby’s grandmother, although i highly doubt it.

We are all heading out in a trolley (i think) and we’re going to tour the city, and historic downtown, and then end up at the Rocky Steps.  Should be fun, but also crazy hot.

it is SOOOO hot here.

Anyway, like i said, i just wanted to say hello – we’re alive, having a great time, and we’ll see you on the flip side…. and to be prepared for post after post of updates.  😀


The Harms Crew *(and Grandma M)


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