Another day, another virus

It started as watery eyes, runny nose, and nasal congestion. Which led to wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

We came into RUH emerg this morning around 8 am.

They took a listen to his chest and sent him up for a chest x-ray and no matter how many times we get sent there, we never get used to THIS:

(my poor sweet baby, yes this IS my child)

Oh the medieval torture device that is a chest X-ray cage.

The x-ray was clear, but ozzie’s sats were so low they admitted us for overnight observation. The emerg doc said the x-ray looks viral, and Ozzie looks viral. And as he started to get sick on Wednesday, we are only at day 3 of this virus and they tend to peak at day 5 or so… He’s probably going to get worse.

And he did.

In the six hours it took to get sent upstairs, ozzie’s breathing and coughing got worse.

(Ozzie and Dada have a quick nap)

When he woke up from his nap, it looked like he had pink eye in both eyes, they were full or green slimy goo – but his eyes were not pink. The nurse said it was probably mucus coming up from his nasal cavity, since that whole area is all connected. Aw. My poor guy has snotty eyes??

For the most part, he is happy. But he generally is when he’s sick. (when he’s healthy too). We got settled in our room and now we wait to see what he does overnight.


Viruses. They totally suck.


3 thoughts on “Another day, another virus

  1. Oh Ozzie, I hope you get better soon. Hang in there Laura and Brad. And WHAT is with the chest xray? Seriously people, we put a man on the moon and THIS is how we x-ray a little kid? Sigh.

  2. Holy crap, that DOES look like a torture device! His poor little legs don’t even get to touch the ground. I always wondered how they got little kids to stay still for x-rays and now I wish I didn’t know. Praying he is better and home again soon! Xoxoxo

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