Speech Therapy

Block! Block!!

We’ve been going to Speech Therapy and as we hoped, Jenn was happy with Ozzie’s signing! Yay Ozzie!  It’s clear that Ozzie communicates through sounds and gestures and signs, the language part is not an issue.  So now we are focusing particularly on speech.

Oz has no problem with the sound Mah…  the one word he actually says is Mama.  So we’re working on B’s ans P’s, both of which i’ve heard him do – but now to get him to do them with purpose, more regularly.

Ozzie and Jenn are friends

We had an appointment today and our Physical Therapist joined us – and she is so happy with Ozzie’s motor skills! she doesn’t think he needs to see PT until September… (fingers crossed that he’ll be walking by then!)

Speaking of walking – he’s totally pulling himself up on furniture, the walls, the sliding door, he MUST stand all the time.  He’s walking with his push walkers, holding our hands – we’re starting to trying to get him to walk holding only one hand.  and the best part is that he’s starting to try to stand up in the middle of the room.  😀  i’m so proud of our little turkey.


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