2nd Annual Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

Today is Moebius Syndrome Awareness day. Paul Julius Möbius, the neurologist who discovered this disorder was born on January 24 back in 1853.

Today my heart is full.  My facebook page is getting slammed with photos of friends and family wearing purple to show their support for Ozzie and for our family.  Thank you, everyone!

I wanted to share some fun facts about Ozzie today;

  • he’s extremely ticklish
  • he has learned to blink on command
  • somehow Brad trained him to take a big deep breath, and he does, everytime he hears the word ‘breath’
  • over the course of the last few days, Ozzie has moved started to develop some kind of ‘suck’! We started giving him his thickened milk in a regular bottle.  He started taking an ounce or two, here or there – but then yesterday he took 2 oz in the morning, then 4.5 oz before lunch, 4.5 oz after his nap, and the clincher – his bedtime bottle he took 7.5 oz all by  himself!  (This means maybe mom and dad can have a night out now that he can ‘feed’ himself??)
  • he signs “milk”, “dada” and “Ball” all with pretty great accuracy.
  • his favourite food is beets
  • out of the entire vast and varied catalog of FANTASTIC music that his dad and i know, the only song that soothes him is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  I don’t know why he’d want that over, say, the Beatles, but there you have it.
  • Ozzie loves the piano
  • Ozzie LOVES Cedric.  He can’t get enough of him.  He laughs at almost everything Ceddy does.
  • He is a bonafide Daddy’s boy.  Cedric is pretty much ALL MOM ALL THE TIME, but for Ozzie no one is better than Dad.
  • Ozzie can clap, and give high fives
  • When he’s tired and falling asleep on my chest, he will reach his hand up and hold onto my hair in his fingers.  i… LOVE this.
  • If i’m not around, he will hold his own hair.
  • He has two small, but growing, bald spots on his head from said activity.
  • Ozzie likes to talk, he’s quite a chatterbox.  The only deal is, he does all his talking with his mouth closed.  He sounds a bit like a baby version of the Charlie Brown adults.
  • Ozzie has the most beautiful eyes, and they look damn good on a bag of coffee. 😉
  • Ozzie’s laugh is one of the best sounds ever made on this planet.
  • He is such a laid back baby. For the most part, pretty content.  Chilled out.  Yeah.

Thanks again to everyone who’s showing their support today.  It really means so much to our family to know we are loved and that you’re with us, and more importantly, you’re with Ozzie.



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