it’s the little things

Friday night (Jan 6th) Ozzie sat up all on his own for the first time!

He was lying on his side, then pushed himself up. 🙂

Brad and i were beside ourselves with excitement! but maybe it was just a fluke?  The following morning we woke up to find Ozzie sitting in his crib, looking out at us.  A little unnerving at first, kinda funny actually, but so awesome.

These little things are so amazing to us.  Things we would have noticed maybe, before Ozzie, but now each little wonderful thing is a huge MILESTONE for him.  Yes, he’s just about 15 months old, and yeah, technically he should have been sitting on his own ages ago – but he goes by his own timeline.  He marches to his own drum.

Also, he did so great for the CTV News people when they came by today to interview us about Ozzie, Moebius Syndrome and our fundraising efforts with Leven’s Coffee. He was happy and vocal and even let Chantel Huber sit next to him when she did her teaser reel.

The interview airs tomorrow at 6, Chantel said she’d email me the link when that happens, and i’ll post it here.


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