Cold #1 of the season

…we have survived…

Almost 2 weeks ago, Ozzie began to sneeze.

this is always our first sign of an oncoming cold – and oncoming colds tend to mean a 4-5 day stay in the pediatric ward.

But we started our preemptive strike on the virus early – and began a strict routine of saline/suctioning.  And the cold moved from runny nose to plugged nose, to a nasty chest cough.

5 days and nights of saline/suction, steamy bathrooms, sleepless nights, and a roller coaster of panic and calm, wondering if he’s breathing is fast or laboured… thinking maybe we should take him in – but the only thing they’d do at the hospital for him if it’s just a cold is give put him on an o2 Sat monitor to gauge how much oxygen is in his blood, then i would sit beside his bed and do a strict routine of saline/suctioning.

i remembered the last time we were in the hospital, his pediatrician said that we might want to look into getting a sat monitor at home for times like these.

So i called her office and left a message, when she called me back she said she would write us a prescription for an o2 sat monitor, but the kicker was that the machines tend to cost $700-$1000…. yikes. we are hoping to find one cheaper somewhere.  we have a few leads.

Now Ozzie is almost 100% back to his normal self.  He still has the odd cough here or there, but i’m feeling cautiously optimistic.


i hate thee.



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