They put the FUN in Fundraising

Marie Tupper, Aaron Green, and Ozzie and i

we love Leven's

Today is day one of the in-store fundraiser put on by Leven’s Coffee – we had a great time there this morning, Ozzie got to see his baby-friends, and i got to see their Mamas.  Brad and Cedric put in a round of Mini Golf in the mall – and Brad (allegedly) got a hole in one.  I think it was rather convenient that there was no one over the age of 3 present at the time to corroborate his story.

If you haven’t gone down to Leven’s there’s still time.  You can buy a pound or two of coffee, or even a to-go cup of Ozzie Blend! or better yet, buy yourself (or a coffee lover on your christmas list) a coffee subscription! Leven’s is donating $65 of every coffee supscription sold this weekend…nudge nudge

Marie and Aaron are awesome.  We spent this morning talking about Star Wars, and inappropriate first date movies. (Mine and Brad’s first date movie was Stargate if you go by when we dated in grade 9…i think it was Up in Smoke when we dated after grade 12, i don’t really remember )

speaking of Star Wars, here’s a cute pic that Brad got this morning:

Sibling Rivalry - The Force Style


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