Our visit to the SLP

SLP stands for Speech Language Pathologist.   Because Ozzie has little movement in his face, we are met with an SLP to assess Ozzie’s speech today.  It was a very encouraging appointment.  Jenn, our SLP, seemed very excited about the baby sign language we’ve been doing with Oz, and when i told her that last week Ozzie actually made the sign for MILK at the appropriate time (when i was feeding him) over and over as i squeezed the milk into his mouth, she was thrilled!!

She said that for 10 months, we shouldn’t expect him to have many words, so for his corrected age (8 months) he’s doing amazing!

Any time any health professional tells us he’s doing amazing, it makes me so happy.

Our OT (Occupational Therapist) popped in for a bit as well to check up on the little dude.  She hadn’t seen him in almost 6 weeks, due to Ozzie’s last stay in the hospital.  She was so happy to see him sitting up by himself, with good head and trunk control.  Also, he was transferring toys from one hand to the other and grabbing and holding on his own.  Things he wasn’t doing 6 weeks ago… things that i never even remember noticing Cedric do.

Things we took for granted with Ceddy.

Laura (our OT) and Jenn both have agreed that baby sign language will be great for Ozzie.  It will help him with his motor skills and help us know what he’s trying to say.

It’s funny, because with Cedric it was something i just did because i thought it would be cool – and it was… but having done it previously, with Ozzie we got a head start on something that may really help him to communicate!

So, in January i have to take a course at the KCC – “It Takes Two to Talk” – it’s a prerequisite to actually having an SLP.  In the course, i’ll learn strategies for helping Ozzie communicate, etc.  Hopefully it will be helpful.  After this course, the next step may be individual or group therapy for Ozzie.


4 thoughts on “Our visit to the SLP

  1. That’s awesome! We did sign with my older child because as you mentioned, it seemed cool…we talked about all sorts of things with him through sign! T-T [for potty] was his first sign to indicate he has peed! So pleased that Ozzie is improving! 😀

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