it’s about three weeks since our last stay in the hospital.

It’s been about three weeks since we’ve taken Ozzie out of the house.

He’s teething again.  This will be his fourth tooth, it’s his third on the bottom.

Teething = more drool

we are back on round the clock Ozzie watch.

From his last stay in the hospital his doctor prescribed a daily steroid called Flovent.  Essentially, he’s too young to tell if he has asthma at this point, but we’re treating him as though he does to see if it makes a difference.  He gets two puffs in the morning and two at night – for a month (which is just about up) and then once in the morning and once at night for six months – using an aerochamber like this:

We also have Ventolin to use as needed – which just gives him a little extra help… but it’s not long term, like the Flovent is.

So, back to Round the Clock Ozzie watch – we’re keeping a close eye on him – and we’re giving him some Ventolin in addition to his Flovent.

He’s also going back to sleeping on his side, which works pretty well – but is problematic because he needs to be in boots and braces overnight… so, we try to make up for it by putting him in the boots and braces during the day.  We have an appointment next week with his Podiatrist, Dr. Allen, and i’m a little worried what she’s going to say.

He’s not supposed to deviate from the wearing schedule, and this month has been all over the place.



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