tasty coffee!

Ozzie and all his Coffee

Tasty Leven's Coffee and a smiley boy!

I picked up a batch of freshly roasted “Ozzie Blend” coffee from Levens Coffee Company yesterday – for those of you who don’t know or remember, Levens Coffee is helping us out with a great fundraiser, selling their coffee!

Mmmm, my house smells delicious – not only from the 36 pounds of coffee sitting in my living room, but from the freshly brewed pot of Ozzie Blend in my kitchen… i’m SOOO loving this coffee.  It’s so tasty!!

Ozzie Blend😀

Thanks to all those who are selling the coffee for us – take a look at our funds raised over on the sidebar!!  and Thanks again to Marie and Aaron at Levens… they are 12 shades of awesome.  🙂


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