Home again

Well, we got sent home Saturday morning.  Just in time to scramble together a birthday party for Cedric – it was supposed to be a stress free no activity party at Kinsman Park, but as the clouds rolled in, it became clear that we’d have to move the celebrations to our home.

which ended up working out because Ozzie still needs to be suctioned on a regular basis.  So, i dealt with kids and party things while Brad held the baby and suctioned him, off and on, the whole afternoon.

While Ozzie has been recovering, Brad slept on the floor in the rumpus room to keep a close eye on his breathing and to give his midnight doses of Ventalin, while i got to sleep in an actual bed again…. hooray!

He’s slowly getting back to his normal self, but we’re not quite there yet.  While we’re not suctioning him as often as we were on the weekend, we’re still doing it often enough that i’m not comfortable leaving the house.  yay.  happy summer. o_O

Oh, and another thing happened while we were in the hospital – Ozzie cut his third tooth.  The last time we were in the hospital he cut his first tooth.  Good times!  (i don’t want to think about how many more teeth there are to go…sigh…)


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