July – Back in the hospital

Well, we had a good run, but we’re back in the hospital again…this makes 3 times in the hospital in as many months.

Ozzie started sneezing a little bit on Tuesday night – which led to more mucous and more suctioning through the night – and as his cold progressed, it got to the point where his breathing was quite laboured.

We came in to the Emergency room at about 6:30 last night – and waited, and waited, and waited… when we finally did see a resident they said that because his oxygen saturation was so low, they wanted to admit him.  They also ordered a chest xray – so we waited some more for that… i don’t know how many of you have ever had to have your baby get a chest xray, but they sit your child on a platform with a hole on a teeny tiny seat that looks like a bike seat.  Then they ask you to hold his arms up by his ears as they encase his entire upper body in a plastic shell.  It’s a very medieval looking device – like some strange form of baby torture… they strap him in and then let go so he’s totally supported by the plastic cage strapped onto the platform.

This is not my baby, but this is what the cage looks like

looks like this... not my kid FYI

it was heart breaking.  Last time he had one of those, they at least gave me a lead apron so i could stay in there and hold his hands.  But they were in a hurry, i guess.  So my poor baby was left all alone, strapped into that scary thing, in a dark room while a big machine took pictures of his insides… and he cried.  and cried.  then i cried.  sigh.

back down to Emerg we went, where we waited for blood work… the chest xray showed something in his right lung, the same place where he had pneumonia prior, now we were MOST DEFINITELY being admitted… but still, we waited for a bed….then – finally at around 11:30 we went upstairs to the Peds ward to our room…. which sucked.  Major.  Suckage.

There’s an isolation hallway on the Peds ward that i like to call the fishbowls of suck.  The room we had was poorly lit, the colour of pink vomit… no windows, with one full wall of glass that has a sliding door that doesn’t block sound… at all…
We have been in this room before.  It’s awful.

But, whatever – you take what bed they give you  even if it’s just to get off the ER floor.

One thing that i like the least about the hospital system is how everything is done by the clock, as my friend Jaimie (who’s a nurse) said, it’s not very patient centered.  Once we were all settled in and i had managed to get Ozzie calmed and sleeping, then the nurse came in to give him his antibiotics… so i had to wake him up again.  Luckily, he went back to sleep quite easily, as he was soooo exhausted.  He had an alright night, i only had to suction him twice.

This morning he looked awful.  He was pale, and his breathing was very laboured, his heart rate was high… the docs on rounds ordered ventalin nebulizers every 4 hours, and they also made him NPO – which is fancy doctor talk for no oral feeds.  Which means: IV.

I asked the morning nurse if we could be moved to a different room, she said; “Why? what’s wrong with this one?”  I said seeing how we were likely going to be here for a few days, i wanted to be in a room with a window.  I got the impression that she wasn’t impressed, she said she’d have to ask the charge nurse.  I mean, c’mon… would YOU want to be in that dark claustrophobic room for a week?   i don’t think so.  let someone who’s only staying overnight for observation have that room…. like the kid who got admitted after us at midnight and got admitted into the room across the hall that has windows and spent the first 45 minutes crying that he didn’t want to sleep in a crib, he wanted his big boy bed!! (i couldn’t really be angry, i know that if that were Cedric, he’d be saying the exact same thing)…he also went home at 10 the next morning.

when the docs came in later, i mentioned again that i wanted to be moved to another room… then at around 11 we got moved to Isolation Observation, and guess what? our room has a window!  Don’t get me wrong, the cots still suck and the glass door still sucks and being in a hospital STILL sucks… but its amazing how a little natural light just lifts my mood.

Transferring to a different room means a new nurse, which means going over the medical history and the reason we’re here, oh and not to mention my whole “He has Moebius Syndrome” spiel which goes something like this;

“Oh, and he has Moebius Syndrome.”
“Moebius Syndrome? I’ve never heard of that.”
“Yeah, i’d be surprised if you had. It’s a Neurological disorder that commonly affects cranial 6 & 7 nerves that blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”

by the time we were fully settled in it was about 1 o’clock or so, and my mom dropped by with a cooler full of food (THANKS MOM!)

As of right now, Ozzie seems to be improving.  Which is really great.  He looks much better than he did this morning, he’s not as pale, he’s not wheezing, he still needs oxygen and an IV, but his breathing seems to be improving somewhat.

The docs who came by for evening rounds said, essentially, that now we watch and wait.  So that’s what we’re doing.  Watching and waiting.


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