Coffee’s On!

Well, we’ve kicked off our coffee fundraiser with Leven’s Coffee today…

Marie and Aaron at Leven’s have been super amazing and fabulous.  we Heart them over here.  Big time.

How the fundraiser works: We have sign up sheets (if you want to sell some coffee for us, let me know and i’ll get you a sheet as well) and we sell the coffee to our friends and family, etc.  Once we have the orders, Leven’s will roast the beans (SOOOO GOOD) and then we’ll send out the coffee.  We are getting a cool $5.00 off each lb of coffee we sell!

The great thing is, after the “Big Push” – if you love the coffee, you can take your old bag into the store and buy another lb or “Ozzie Blend” and we will continue to get residuals off the sale!!

Marie and Aaron stated a few times while working this out with them, that they wanted us to have to do as little work as possible.

honestly, i’m blown away that people like them exist – they have gone above and beyond anything i could have ever asked for.  After my first meeting with the two of them, and they told me how they wanted to make the fundraiser a long-term deal – i was driving home in my car and was blubbering like a fool at how wonderful they are… then i had a thought: “Ozzie’s gift is to let people give of themselves…. so get out of the way and let them do that!”

it’s hard.

and humbling.

you don’t want to ever admit that you need help or that you can’t handle things.  So, when people take it upon themselves to just help – it’s hard to accept sometimes.  But i’m learning.  Humility.  sigh.


Coffee is on!

If i can put you down for a pound, let me know!


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