Oh Holy Crap!

some of you may be wondering how we are recuperating since our week long stay at the hospital…

the short answer??

It’s been shitty.

The long answer? It’s been REALLY shitty…

and i mean that literally AND figuratively

Poor little Ozzie was given these antibiotics to get rid of the pneumonia – which damn near killed him!! (MELODRAHHHHMA!!!)  Every time we got the drugs inside him, he’d puke.  This isn’t good… so while i was away for the weekend with my mama, my amazing sexy husband was in charge of keeping Ozzie alive – and for the record, he did!!

He actually ended up, after a lot of running around, taking the poor kid back to the emergency room just so he could get a new prescription that wouldn’t make him barf.

so, new drugs – but they weren’t much better.

These new horrible drugs went right through his system resulting in COPIOUS amounts of shit.  We were changing diapers constantly, sometimes 3 or 4 in less than ten minutes!!

What happens when a baby poops out 3 times more than he intakes?  i’ll tell you

His skin turns grey, his eyes are so sunken that he physically cannot close them cuz they won’t meet at the bottom, he becomes lifeless and sleeps all the time – the time that he IS awake he cries his pathetic little whimper cry cuz that’s all he has the energy for and his fontanelle is visible it’s sunk so far into his skull…. that’s what.

And the scary part was – he seemed “fine” in the morning….and in the afternoon he looked like a fucking zombie, i kid you not.  It was the worst thing i’ve ever seen (and i’ve seen nurses almost jab a needle right through his forehead skin while trying to put in an IV).

This was Tuesday afternoon – i called Ozzie’s pediatrician and waited impatiently for her to call be back.  in the mean time i looked on the internet (MISTAKE) to see that Ozzie had SEVERE!! SIGNS!! OF DEHYDRATION!! CONTACT HEALTH PRACTITIONER IMMEDIATELY!!

i called my mom to come over when she was done teaching, and started packing for what i was sure would be another week long stay at the hospital, assuming they’d be able to start an IV, cuz they have a hard time finding veins on this poor little kiddo….

then my doctor called back and i told her what was happening and she said: “Stop the antibiotics, he’s had them for over a week.  start giving him pediatlyte and if you don’t see significant improvement in the next 3 hours, bring him in…”

after one bottle of pedialyte it was amazing the change in him.  He still had sunken eyes, but he no longer looked grey.

a few more bottles and he started staying awake a bit more

now, he’s sitting in his chair cooing and singing.  Best…sounds…evarrrr!!

he’s still shitting.  but it’s getting better….

so that’s how we’ve been.

Oh, and also, Ozzie cut his first tooth – nothing like having pneumonia and vomiting and the poops and then throwing teething on top of that.  good. times.


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