Visit to the eye doctor

When Ozzie was in PEDs he had his eyes tested in a pretty scary way – y’know with the eye clamps and the numbing cream and all that – the results were, well, i don’t know cuz they didn’t really tell me anything except “We’ll see him again in 6 weeks, probably after Christmas time”… nothing.

I mentioned it to our Doctor during our first visit to the Kinsmen Centre in February and she said she would look into it for me and get us an appointment…

Then i had a follow up with our pediatrician and i said that Dr. Blakely was looking into it, so then our pediatrician said; “if she’s looking after that, then i won’t worry about it…”

Flash forward to the beginning of May – our second trip to the ER when Ozzie had bronchiliatis, again, and the resident Dr asked if we had seen our Opthamologist… i told him, no – they were supposed to schedule a follow up for us, but it never happened, and our doc at the KCC was supposed to be contacting her but we hadn’t heard anything…and i didn’t know the name of the doctor so i didn’t even know how to get on that myself…

So he called there, that day, and the next day we had an appointment.

We had Ozzie’s eye exam – totally not scary… But as i’m sitting there talking with Dr Erraguntla, she says to me: “So, when did you find out about the cyst on his brain, from the MRI?”

and i said:

then she looked embarrassed and started back tracking and ws like “maybe she wrote it down wrong” then she found it, written in his chart from when he was first in PEDS after NICU – small cyst on brain

nice way to find out, i just about puked in her office. I was unimpressed, to say the least.

She said maybe it was just something small and they weren’t concerned about it but wrote it down just to make a note of it… still, i probably shouldn’t have found out about it from the eye doctor.


other than that, Ozzie uses both eyes – and tracks movement well… his tear ducts are blocked (he had that problem in NICU as well) so we have to massage them, but then she said that his blocked tear ducts may have been a blessing because they have kept his eyes wet for the 5 months that it took for them to remember us and get us an appointment.

It’s too early to tell right now, but there’s the potential for some eye surgeries in the future.
We will see her again in three months…
now we play the waiting game.


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